So you are looking at finding out how to use maternity acupressure to induce labor yourself? If that’s the case, you have to discover the key acupressure points first.

It might happen that the labor may need a little help to begin, and maternity acupressure is an efficient and incredibly gentle method to induce labor. Acupressure is a technique in which you (or perhaps a partner) make use of the fingers create a soft pressure or small circular massages on particular pressure points in certain parts of the body to alleviate pains, reduce tensions and, during pregnancy, help start the contractions. Many Primary health care provider and midwives use soft acupressure strategies to help women increase contraction and accelerate labor. To begin researching acupressure to induce labor, you will find three acupressure points you must understand to assist your child come around the world and in some cases reduce discomfort during labor. Learning these 3 points really is easy with fundamental notions along with a small amount of practice.

Acupressure Point #1: Hoku

The Hoku point, also sometimes known as LI4 (since it is the 4th around the colon energy flow), are available on the rear of the hands. More precisely it’s located about 50 % way between your index and also the thumb, in which the two fingers meet. It is simple to think it is by getting your two fingers together and you’ll begin to see the muscle rising in your hands. This is actually the Hoku point. Just press and massage this time to relief discomfort and tensions which help to begin labor.

Acupressure Point #2: Spleen 6

The Spleen 6 point, also known as SP-6 or Three Yin Intersection, is situated within your leg, just over the ankle. To obtain the exact position, measure 4 fingers (one hands width) over the ankle bone. There is a point immediately around the back side from the shin bone. Aside from assisting to induce labor, the results differs from assisting to awesome, reduce dread and worries.

Acupressure Point #3: Bladder 32

The Bladder 32 point may be the third point and could be a little bit trickier to discover. The easiest method to find this time would be to trace a line involving the bottom and also the finish of the spine together with your finger. You will be able to look for a small depression. This is actually the bladder 32 acupressure point. Just massage it for any minute and you ought to see immediate effects.