Why you can do best a detox in the summer

You’ve probably heard about detox. Detoxing is really increased in popularity in recent years. And that is not for nothing.

Through a detox you can detoxify your body. You do this by giving your body only “clean” food.

With clean food, I mean food that does not contain any bad substances. This saves your body to make less effort to digest food so that the (waste) materials that can clean up already in your body.

Because in our Western diet are a lot of unnatural substances, our body becomes polluted unnoticed. This is a process that takes years. Whenever contaminated it a little more.

If pollution continues to accumulate, ultimately has a great effect on your health.

This is just the beginning

Do you notice that you have little energy, lose weight fails and you have more and more suffer from health ailments? Be warned, because this is only the beginning.

If you do nothing to these aches and pains are getting worse.

If you want to take action to get rid of it, a detox can help your body to reset and remove the accumulated toxins.

In this article you read exactly what a detox can do for you and why the ultimate summer vacation time to detox your body.

Big cleaning

Through a period of time to do a detox gives your body a spring cleaning.

Would you:

  • More energy.
  • Confidently walk in your swimsuit on the beach.
  • burn more calories.
  • burn body fat.
  • You break through solid diet.
  • Better sleep.
  • A radiant skin.
  • Bright and positive thoughts.
  • More are in balance.

That is all. All you have to do is detox for a while during your summer vacation.

If you read it so it sounds like a panacea. And that’s actually quite logical, think it over.

With a detox your body give you the opportunity itself to recover. Every day is your body busy all the toxins you ingest to filter out of your body.

If you give it a few days or weeks of rest, it will use all that energy to cleanse itself, to rest and reset. This ensures that you are soon fully recharged and can experience all the health benefits mentioned above.

Different types of detox

There are several ways you can detox. One is intensive, but also more effective than the other.

I discuss the three detox methods that I always get a lot of positive feedback.

Detox 1: sapkuur

This is the most intensive and effective way of detoxing. You choose 5, 10, 14 or 21 days, drinking only homemade vegetable.

You can make an estimate how many days you need to reset your body. Ask yourself how (un) healthy you have lived over the years. Is this it, then five days enough. This has been quite unhealthy and have suffered from ailments, go for it and choose the 21-day course.

The advantage of 21 or more days detox is that you get more time to break your regular eating patterns. You discover therefore usually you certain foods that you normally eat a lot, really do not need. You also changing tastes, making sweetness is suddenly much less tasty.

By following a sapkuur you give your body a chance to optimize fat burning again and break your reserves (fat burning).

When sapkuur is advisable some days in advance the use of sugar, alcohol, coffee, black tea and so build. If you do not then the first few days can be extremely severe.

Also note that you do not order directly a portion bitterballen after the detox. This charge your organs huge, so quickly the benefits of detox and lose that would be sin. Give your body time to get used again to normal food.

Consider you have a sapkuur? Follow the course of the bonus book Smoothie Weight Loss Plan. This is to keep good full. You make this your own juices of different fruit. Diana is gone before; she followed the program seven days. Here’s her experience .

Here you can order the Smoothie Weight Loss Plan .

Detox 2: Vegetable and clean food

Another way to free your body of toxins is to follow a vegetable detox. In this case you get the best results if you 21 to 28 days do not eat animal products.

Although animal products are healthy (if organic) the body takes too much energy to digest them. Because they do not eat any time you give your body time to keep cleaning.

Because this way of detoxing is less intensive, it takes longer for your body itself again ‘fixed’ does. Therefore, a sapkuur my preference.

If you just want to chew, is a detox where you only eat vegetables, a nice way to cleanse your body.

You also get creative and learn how to eat healthy and delicious, without the use of animal and processed products.

As mentioned animal products to digest heavier. If you omit your brand a while you get a lot of energy. Chances are you in the future, meat, fish and egg faster omit from your diet.

This eat / do not you drink during a plant-based diet:

  • meat, fish, eggs
  • coffee
  • alcohol
  • dairy
  • black and green tea (theine is in)
  • sugar
  • processed products

You feed it includes:

  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • nuts, seeds, seeds
  • Quinoa
  • oatmeal and buckwheat
  • legume
  • oil
  • various types of superfoods
  • water
  • fresh herbal tea

Detox 3: The Kickstart program from Smoothie Weight Loss Plan

If you’d like to reset but above ways will just be something extreme, I advise you to follow the kickstart program from Smoothie Weight Loss Plan.

You replace this one for ten days or more meals a day with a green smoothie. The other meals you eat natural and carbohydrates. You can also just take a healthy snack each day.

Especially if you are working during the summer, this form of detox ideal. Even if your favorite piece of meat, fish or egg not want to miss this very pleasant way.

After the kickstart program you can switch to the maintenance program where you replace one meal a day with a green smoothie. You integrate this smoothies into your lifestyle making you lose weight permanently.

If you are unsure which of the three ways you want to do, I suggest you to choose this way.

quality food

When you start a detox remember the following two points:

  1. Where possible, use organic fruits and vegetables. Many non-organic varieties are sprayed with pesticides. The pesticides are still toxins you ingest and so the whole effect of the detox road.
  2. Do not use plastic. In plastic are many chemicals that can “leak” and so our food and drinks arrive and then remain in our bodies. Drink water, juices and smoothies in a glass bottle.

summer detox

But why now just a detox in the summer. Then you will do just as good as what you feel like it … right?

Well, you want to enjoy your holiday and the weather, but let me explain exactly why you make yourself easy just to detox during the summer holidays.

These are the advantages:

  • Because the temperature is higher in the summer, it is easier and more pleasant at this time for our body to detoxify than in any other season.
  • When it is hot, we need less heavy meals. Stews be redeemed for light foods such as salads, fresh soups and fresh fruit.
  • In the summer you are free to work or it’s usually a lot quieter at work. The first days of a detox can be a little uncomfortable. Headache, lethargy and other ailments playing because you’re removing toxins to. It’s nice if you can take time for yourself and make you do not worry about your job.
  • Of course you want to sit well in your body if this summer is in your swimsuit on the beach. A detox increases your fat burning and helps you lose weight. This course provides added motivation to keep right now full detox.
  • In the summer a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables available that it’s not a punishment to do a detox. You can make it very nice for yourself.
  • The higher temperature you lose more waste in a natural way, because you sweat a lot.


I’ve never had a client who was sorry after he / she had completed a detox.

I have had literally hundreds of people who said after the detox: “Why have I not done this before?”.

Health Ailments healed, full of energy and your body will disappear like snow in the sun (and then you just keep eating healthy, it remains off).

I really encourage you to do a detox this summer.

No matter what you choose detox. It is an experience that you usually give insights into your diet where you will benefit your whole life.

The smoothie weight loss plan contains several programs that help detoxify your body. In the bonus section you will find the best detox I’ve ever seen.

A detox cure gives you instant energy, increases your fat burning, it makes you mentally strong and makes you walk beaming over the beach.

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