Healthy barbecuing do so!

It’s summer and that means it’s “BBQ-season” is officially opened.

In most barbecues expands eat and drink. There are a lot of meat, alcohol, bread and herb sauces but also on the menu. On vegetables is paid little attention.

Too bad, because that the grill has an unhealthy image, while it does not have to be. You can even fine barbecue and lose weight too.

You have a barbecue or otherwise furnishing. This article shows you how to do that.

1. Start with salad

Salad by adding the barbecue is already a lot healthier. You can do everything through. Think of a salad with tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, olives and pine nuts with a dressing of balsamic vinegar, mustard and olive oil.

Tip: Look what vegetables are in season , they are cheaper and better taste.

Fill the salad with quinoa or beans for extra bite. This provides more satiety which means less need for large cuts of meat and bread.

In the 7 × 7 recipes are delicious salads to restore hormone balance and thus stimulate fat burning.

2. Add vegetables to

Vegetables are often forgotten during the barbecue. There are several ways to add more vegetables to the grill.

For example, create your own saté- or kebab sticks and add between each piece of meat to a vegetable. Pepper, red onion and zucchini are delicious with these types of meat.

Or cut zucchini and eggplant vertically into long strips and put them together with all peppers, asparagus (boil them in advance or a few minutes) and onion on the grill.

Grill them and then put them together in a bowl. Pour some extra virgin olive oil over it and a pinch of salt and pepper. Please add it off with some basil leaves and pine nuts.

3. Sweet potato

The sweet potato is healthy and ideal to enrich your healthy barbecue. When the grill is especially convenient to eat them roasted.

That’s how you do that:

Make clean by washing the potatoes. Wrap them separately in a large piece of aluminum foil and make sure there is no air in or out. Put them on the coals in the barbecue.

How long do they need to be cooked is the size of the potatoes. You can just prick to determine whether they are properly cooked. Most have 25 to 35 minutes the time needed to be cooked.


Some barbecues are going kilos of meat through. Although a piece of good quality meat is healthy for you, your body is not happy when you eat large pieces of meat with a meal. It is hard to digest and do not need to eat several pieces.

Always remove meat of good quality. Preferably from grass-fed cattle and make them your own tasty burgers.

Buy less meat than normal and also take something falafel balls or make it yourself. Vegetarians in the group will be happy.

5. Add marinade

Packaged sauces make the barbecue unhealthy. They are full of unhealthy trans fats and E-numbers. Nice drop so. Make your meat seasoned with delicious healthy marinades.

A tasty marinade for example make thyme, honey, mustard and orange juice. Rub the meat about an hour in advance with the marinade and leave to soak. The marinade gives the meat a delicious taste making sauce is superfluous.

For fish marinated in coconut milk, curry powder, a little juice of pineapple, pepper and salt delightful to use. For this too, rub the fish an hour for the barbecue with the marinade, and grill just yummy. It gives the fish a refreshing twist.

6. Make your own sauce

Can you do without a sauce with your meat or fish? Choose sure to make your own sauces.

For example, make your own guacamole with avocado , tomato, garlic, lemon juice and pepper mayonnaise or eggs , lemon and olive oil?

In the 7 × 7 recipes you find stimulating seven tasty sauce recipes fat burning. You’ll even healthy mayonnaise!

7. Maize

Because corn is often genetically manipulated, I will not get to eat much. For once it can be a nice complement to the barbecue. Buy some fresh corn cobs and remove the leaves off.

Wash them well and apply them in a little grass butter. Wrap the corn cobs separately loosely in a piece of aluminum foil and place them on the sides of the barbecue. In about 20 minutes, the corn cob cooked and edible.

Especially if you want less emphasis on meat, this is a wonderful enrichment.

8. Allow bread omitted

French bread with herb butter and peanut sauce are inseparable in most barbecues. If you want to lose weight but this is not a good idea. The bread is full of fast carbohydrates that cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly. If you have many fast carbohydrates ingested is very difficult to lose weight.

If you let bread omitted a barbeque fits perfectly within the guidelines of a low carbohydrate diet and you will easily lose weight even if you occasionally soak in a barbecue.

Fortunately bread easily replaced with herb. Dip radishes, chicory, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots in a container with guacamole, or humus. Healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. Your body will thank you.

Avoid alcohol 9.

Alcohol puts fat burning and still provide a lot of calories. Especially when your belly fat would make, you therefore should not drink. Make a better choice by water, coconut water and drink vegetable juices.

Drink prefer nothing while eating, not even water. It disturbs the digestion of the food you eat, so nutrients are not properly absorbed.

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