Eleven tips to not arrive on vacation

The summer is coming. This usually means a lot of fun with family or friends.

In this article I’ll give you eleven tips that can help you to enjoy your holiday without you thereby gaining weight.

Because whether you’re going to camp in France or for an all inclusive resort in Turkey, the temptations lurk everywhere.

You’re away from your routine and you want to just enjoy.

In this article you will find tips to ensure that you can just enjoy, but also ensure that you do not arrive during your holiday – without your direct need for a strict routine.

Travel Tips

If you go on holiday by car, the holiday starts with the question: what do I bring for the road?

It is tempting to opt for convenience and rolls with cheese, bags of candy and soda bottles to throw in the freezer and leave.

But this is not the only way (to keep the kids happy)!

These tips will make you healthy and full of energy arriving at your holiday destination.

  • Put carrots, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers and celery in a Tupperware Bowl. Put a bowl with humus and dipping only.
  • Cook for everyone an egg.
  • Make sachets finished raw nuts.
  • Grab a bottle of water per person, refill the go!
  • Make toast of apple with homemade or organic (sugar-free), nut butters.
  • Make oatmeal cookies banana, oatmeal, raisins, nuts, seeds or pips. Season to taste with honey, cocoa powder, grated coconut or cinnamon ( here you will find the recipe ).
  • Fill everyone a vial with a green smoothie or vegetable juice.
  • Instead of spheres of cheese prepared a delicious quinoasalade ( the recipe ).
  • Stop to extend the two-three hours to their legs. Good for circulation. Stretch and stretch a bit, run around, do a game and go after fifteen minutes again.
  • The driver starts to get tired? Stop a moment. Pull all together some sprints on a parking place where your heart rate goes way up. This ensures that the driver is back sharp and again all you have energy to against it!

And for those who go by plane.

  • The snacks offered in the plane are usually unhealthy. Create for each family two bags of healthy snacks as mentioned above.
  • For anyone with an empty bottle / empty bottle and fill it with water after customs. Saves a lot of money for bottled water. Drinking water is especially important if you’re going to fly because the air is very dry and you will affect how quickly dehydrated.
  • If you have a good flight is only then with the meals they serve. These usually contain a lot of preservatives – as they should be long lasting. Rather take your own food. For example, the quinoasalade from the tips above.
  • You can not take liquids through the security check, but food is no problem. So you can rest a can of sardines, a banana or a homemade meal stop in the cabin.

Make appointments with yourself

Once at the destination, it is important to have a plan for yourself. Think in advance about what foods you really want to eat unhealthy not because you like them, or because you have to get complaints. Write them down and do not eat them.

Also make a commitment to yourself how often you something ‘goodies’ to eat / drink during your vacation. Have you had your goodies for today? Then you do not have more to think about and get you less tempted to still take something. Appointment is after appointment!

Keep rhythm in your diet

Often you have a different rhythm when you’re on holiday. You sleep longer or shorter and eat at other times. It is tempting when you sleep more extensive breakfast and skip lunch.

Your body is not happy. It makes digesting food difficult, and keep your blood sugar stable, making you less at a later time faster an appetite for sweets.

Therefore, keep a rhythm in your diet, even if you leave on it. Continue to eat the same portions as usual. Rather eat several times a small portion or two large meals where you eat yourself completely full.

Drink plenty of water

Especially when you’re on a warm sunny destination. You lose more moisture because you sweat a lot. To prevent dehydration, it is important to constantly replenish it.

Make sure you always have a water bottle with you and drink as much as you can. Two to four liters.

healthy snacks

You’re probably not always the opportunity during your holiday meal to eat when you’re hungry. Therefore, make sure that you always have a healthy snack with you.

For example, a mix of raw nuts, seeds or pips. Mix it with a few raisins or dates for the cravings. Take this from the Netherlands or get it at a grocery store on your holiday.

Also make sure you always have a piece of fruit with you. This prevents you goes out to ice cream or snacks on the terrace.

Do not forget

Always a cool bag, knife and Tupperware container on holiday. This enables you to prepare your food, keep food longer and easily in the bus, plane or boat.

Stay in a hotel where they serve breakfast? Spoon a little extra for such as fruits and boiled eggs and take it on the go.

Prepare yourself

Ask in advance or where you are staying has a small refrigerator. This saves a lot of cost because you can keep the food for breakfast, lunch and snacks that you might otherwise consume in a restaurant.

You can also choose the healthy options for those meals where you feel comfortable with. Get as fruit, oatmeal, cottage cheese and salad and store it in the refrigerator.

Opt for local food

Other countries have often foods that you do not know. Be open to new, healthy foods. Look for healthy, local produce.

Avoid it as much carbohydrate-rich foods, such as rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, pasta, sweets and cereal.

Go to farmers markets and visit, taste different foods and be open to new flavors. Think of other fruits, vegetables and fresh fish and be surprised especially!

Listen to your body

If you are is a great temptation to eat more for socializing and drinking on holiday than you actually need.

Stay in touch with your body. Eat when you are experiencing a cluttered feeling in your stomach and stop eating when you are satisfied, not when you’re full.

Stay mindful eating, chew well and take time for each meal.

Rest well

Enjoy and give yourself the break you deserve when you go on holiday. Sleep as much as you need, rest, relax, enjoy your company, laugh as much as possible, discover new cultures and move in a relaxed way.

Make sure you really recharged come back from your vacation. That is just as important as your diet. Be content with maintaining your weight.

bonus tips

For those who want to go a step further; Here are some additional tips for holidays.

  • Fill your plate with lots of vegetables and salad, fill it with a piece of meat or fish.
  • Spoon once if you eat from a buffet.
  • Take no desserts, but choose coffee or tea after dinner.
  • Do not eat anything in the evening more.
  • Replace one meal a day with a green smoothie. Take your blender along or go looking for a local juice bar.
  • Get some raw nuts, raw fruits and vegetables that you can eat as a snack.
  • Eat no more than five times a day.
  • Plan your move at the start of the holiday. Go to the hotel gym, walking or swimming and make sure you keep things moving.

In shape on vacation

You too deserve to walk a couple of weeks proud and confident in your swimsuit on the site and on the beach.

If you’re this far, fantastic!

But if not, use these last few days / weeks to do some fast in shape to come. Off excess fat and tighten up your skin.


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