Carbohydrates 50 Days Program

In 50 days significantly lose weight with a low-carb weight loss program. That’s what the Low Carbohydrate 50 Days Program promises. Besides weight loss itself can according to the editors also gain more energy with this program with a healthier feeling. All me all the promise that you can lose per week up to 2 kilos. Now obviously the key question: what makes this program where? Below is the review of the experience.

The operation of the Low Carbohydrate 50 Days Program

As the name of the program is already reveal the basis of a low-carbohydrate diet. This plan follow for 50 days so you surely must be 10kg weight loss after 17 weeks. The low-carb program, or “KHA program” as the writers sometimes called, takes you on in this period by giving practical recipes and nutritional advice for every day. The program, moreover, to be followed for longer than 50 days if you have a preference for this.

By stimulating fat burning in the abdomen, buttocks and legs are there lost where the effect is also the largest. You would by Low Carbohydrate 50 Days Program also should see relatively quick results. In this make the compilers have a reservation; the effect can vary person depending on age, current weight and body fat percentage.

The focus in the recipes is to avoid fast carbohydrates such as sugars. There still may be eaten every day for a limited amount of “good” carbohydrates, such as brown bread or rice cakes. So the program is right carbohydrates, carbohydrate and not entirely free. Remarkably, the number of times per day is consumed, there are a total of 6 dining options. Here, the schedule consists of 3 main meals and 3 snacks lighter.

Content of the program

The core of the Low Carbohydrate 50 Days Program is the ebook which are given tips and recipes that support low-carb program. The book provides 50 daily for each day with six mealtimes. It will be given different exercises for each week to make weight loss easier. Also two bonuses are given in the book, including an eBook with tips on drinking while slimming and package with shopping lists that support low carbohydrate program.

Carbohydrates 50 Days Program – Experiences

The basic principle of this program is the low carbohydrate diet. As we have often write this is a great approach to lose weight in a responsible manner. This carbohydrate 50 day program here is in itself an excellent tool for.

The recipes in the book are pretty tasty and easy to make. This book is also very suitable for novice cooks. The instructions are expanded so you actually are “guided” by the preparation and relatively fast you can prepare a nice low-carb dish. The recipes vary much over the 50 days. This is a good point because this method is not boring and you will always have variety in your diet. Sometimes too slow carbs allowed as wholemeal bread. By opting for this approach is to keep the program very well packed.

What this method also suggests that you do not have to exercise to lose weight. Although this may be true, we would never ask this so strongly. Exercise is no solution, that’s true, but it certainly added value for the weight loss process.

You can program 50 days ordered through the website . At present, to obtain the program with a relatively substantial discount. Now also get several extra gift at registration.

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