Candida: what is it and how do you control it?

In this article you will learn exactly what candida and how you too can avoid it. Follow the steps in this article so that you can avoid the annoying symptoms and even cure.

What is Candida?

Candida albicans is a yeast that occurs in the vagina at all on the skin, in the mouth and in women. This yeast hold billions of bacteria flora on your order.

Along with the mucous membranes, which form a kind of barrier, bacteria ensure that remains the yeast under control.

The moment your resistance is weakened, the protection level of your mucous drops and the yeast can transform itself into a mold that is rampant.

Bacteria get no longer manage to keep everything in your intestines into balance. The fungus gets worse. This is called candida.

Candida and antibiotics

An overgrowth of Candida often develops after the use of antibiotics. Although antibiotics sometimes the only solution to a health problem, it also kills the good bacteria in your body.

So hit your gut flora weakened and can transform the yeast to a fungus.

An imbalance in the acid-base ratio is in the stomach and intestines can also provide candida. Therefore it is important to 70 percent alkaline (vegetables, fruits, dairy products) and 30 percent acid ( eggs , fish, meat, grain) to eat.

Because bacteria can not do their job in an acidified environment.

Another cause is the change in hormone balance around the age of forty in women. This disturbs the equilibrium. Candida is there then eagerly use. The result is that many women suffer from vaginal symptoms caused by an overgrowth of candida.

In addition, a poor diet with lots of fast carbs (white pasta, rice and white bread) and sugar, stress and prolonged use of the pill often cause the onset of candida.

The complaints arising out vary enormously.

Athlete’s foot, fungal nails, extreme fatigue, acne, weight gain, muscle weakness and muscle pain, vaginal thrush, loss of concentration, depression, speech, hungover feeling enormous craving for carbohydrates and sweet, thrush, hypoglycemia are the main symptoms.

Grasp the cause, not the symptoms

Athlete’s foot instance comes back regularly, even if you got a cream the doctor.

Candida needs to be addressed from the intestines. It begins with a special diet. Sugar free and as many carbohydrates. Because candida feeds on sugar.

With sugars we mean table sugar, honey, agave, corn syrup, lactose, rice syrup, coconut blossom sugar and other such “healthy” sugars.

But some other carbohydrates should be avoided, because they put themselves in the body into sugar. Think of pasta, bread, rice, potatoes and crackers.

Also fresh and dried fruit helps the yeast grow faster.

Simultaneously with the low-carbohydrate diet , the intestines must be fed with probiotics, the opposite of antibiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are often broken in the past made with antibiotics.

A healthy diet starve the fungus and the probiotics bring the intestinal flora balance. Only when your intestines are healthy, your immune system is also able to restrain the candida.

Prevention is better than cure

It often takes a lot of effort to get the candida under control. Prevention is therefore better than cure. Therefore, pay attention to your diet.

Eating healthy can also be tasty. Do not dwell on sweet snacks and desserts, but learn some healthy and delicious recipes that you vary and alternates.

Keep your sugar intake eye, eat plenty of vegetables and up to two pieces of fruit. Protein and good fats like omega 3 and 9 give a feeling of fullness so you do not grab quickly into refined products.

Do you like sweets? not grab packaged sweetened snacks, but make yourself something delicious natural food. For example, a sugar-free banana bread. Enjoy it!

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