Bikini stress? How to get rid of it!

Research done among 3,300 women, showed that about 75 percent of women who go to the beach, suffer from bikini stress . Four in ten women show even prefer not to go to the beach.

Are you one of them? It is now time to do something about that.

After reading this article you know what you can do to still walk confidently on the beach to fully enjoy these lovely sunny days.

Seven bikini stress tips

Here are some tips that prompted many of our readers now walk on the beach without bikinis stress.

1. Eat this before you go to the beach

Fullness and distension is terrible when you have in your bikini. So eat light meals before you go on the beach.

A green smoothie is an ideal solution to include beach days. It keeps your stomach flat, giving you instant energy and allows you to beach days are the fat burning.

The Smoothie Weight Loss Plan you will find many delicious smoothie recipes (here you can order a copy ).

2. Each kilo is one

You tend to think that you’re late getting started with healthy eating makes you are not feeling well, but it’s never too late to start eating healthy.

So start NOW. Every kilo you do not bring in the next two months to lug to the beach is one. Busy with healthy eating DIRECT ensures that you feel a lot better.

3. Be proud, you are who you are!

Be proud of yourself! Your body is your bikini body and you have to do it with. So you can better be proud of.

If you love yourself and are happy with yourself you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are who you are and how your body looks makes you no less beautiful person.

4. Shoulders back

Watch your posture. Do not walk around with bowed head and shoulders but walk upright, shoulders back and put a smile on your face. You will immediately notice that you feel better.

How do you feel, you radiate and what could be more beautiful than a confident woman who enjoys her life and her body? Since you do not have to be thin, so can you be.

5. Get rid of these thoughts!

Check your thoughts. “I am fat, lose weight does not work, I can not, my stomach is ahead, I am not beautiful”, so on. You know it all that lying around thoughts.

You have nothing to all those negativitet. You’re going to just believe and you behave accordingly. Now tell yourself that you deserve it, you can do it, and you’re beautiful, you will see that everything is different and your days are a lot more fun.

6. Drink this, but not

Drink water! It is tempting to drink on hot days but can cause abdominal distension carbonated drinks (including water carbonated so). Not nice when you walk on the beach.

Keep it in water (without gas). Put it in summer fruit and put it the day before you go to the beach in the refrigerator.

7. Be creative (or consult)

Buy a cute tankini swimsuit or a hip, nowadays there is much to gain. Find one that fits your figure, it can be very nice.

Also get there are nice beach dresses that you can wear over your bikini or wraps for the legs. Emphasize the parts that you like about yourself and not the parts where you might not feel completely comfortable with.

This makes you feel much more comfortable when you walk on the beach. If you do find it difficult this for yourself, seek advice from a good friend.

Take Action – Stop your bikini stress

Do you notice that you do not feel good on the beach? Life is too short to feel happy.

Take these two steps and make good for an end to that feeling:

  1. Accept the situation as it is. You are who you are. BUT…
  2. Take action. Because only accept is you ignore a problem.

You will find that you, being only engaged, happier and are proud of yourself. And that’s a wonderful feeling. The progress is enough to ensure that you feel so much better.

It’s just a waste of time to feel bad. Get started with healthy eating and before you know it bikini stress history.

It is certainly not too late to start. The fact that you’re doing gives you a good feeling. AND in August there are also beach days …

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